Marshall County Records Discovered


Recently a friend at work told me about an old court book his grandfather had found back in the 1990s when he was updating an old house he had bought in Marshall County, Tennessee. In a crawlspace he discovered an old book in the insulation. It turned out to be the court’s Magistrate Docket from Marshall County, Tennessee. It begins in October of 1870 and suddenly ends in April 1908. I say suddenly because there were plenty of empty pages left. So they either went to a new format or, maybe this was when it was possibly stolen. Here is a picture of it.


No matter the reason, I asked him to let me digitize it for posterity and for all the Marshall County genealogists out there. I also mentioned to him about returning it to the county. I knew the county would never digitize it since it isn’t as important as something like a book of marriage records.  

Before I start linking to the pictures, here are three items that were just stuck inside the book. One is even from 1936, which is weird considering the book ends in 1908. This leads me to believe that the book disappeared after 1936 and that it ended in 1908 due to a change in the format or a new book was provided to the clerk. Here are the items (the third one is in three parts):  Item1  Item2  Item3-1  Item3-2  Item3-3 

Now for the real meat of the book. I had to take each  picture as a full page but it can easily be read, or even downloaded if you prefer. Just click on the picture to zoom. Each entry runs across both pages of the book so each will have two associated pictures (A & B) with it. I had originally planned on transcribing each page but realized early on that I just didn’t have the time. In lieu of this, I am providing links to all of the pages in hopes that they may be useful and maybe someone out there can transcribe them. Although I own these pictures, you may use them. If you post them online all I ask is that you give this blog credit for them. -Ray        My Blogs Home                              

I hope this helps someone out there researching Marshall County.  -Ray

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